10. November 2019

Booting a Video BIOS

Graphics. Video! How do you get even basic graphics running on a PC? One way is to use the expansion ROM on the graphics card. Loko Scheme 0.3.4 is out now and comes with a rudimentary VBE driver that uses this method.


02. October 2019

A New R6RS Scheme Compiler

Some readers already know this and a few have suspected. I’ve been working on a new R6RS Scheme compiler for a while. Now I have released it as free software. Read on to learn the many wonderful drawbacks of this niche compiler.


01. October 2019

On recent events

This has come down from old, Atula,
& not just from today:
they find fault with one
            who sits silent,
they find fault with one
            who speaks a great deal,
they find fault with one
            who measures his words.
There’s no one unfaulted in the world.

There never was,
            will be,
nor at present is found
anyone entirely faulted
or entirely praised.

– The Buddha (Dhammapada XVII : Anger)