16. May 2020

Real Internet on an RTOS

I recently wrote an article on my company’s blog. The gist of it is that we now have the technology to get real internetworking (that’s a word) on embedded devices.

If you’re making a connected device that runs an RTOS then you should have a look: Real Internet on an RTOS.

15. May 2020

Quasiquote - Literal Magic

While I was writing a manpage for Scheme’s quasiquote, something I saw surprised me and changed my understanding of quasiquote. It turns out that a new language, with semantics that are interesting to PLT enthusiasts, hides behind the innocent backtick character. Starting with R6RS Scheme, quasiquote became total magic.


02. March 2020

Loko Scheme 0.4.3

Loko Scheme 0.4.3 is now out with a few important fixes, new features and network card drivers for eepro100, rtl8139, virtio net and Linux tuntap devices. The include form is now available and #u8() is recognized. Hashtables are written using Racket’s #hasheq() syntax, and cycles are handled while printing records.

Read more about the drivers in the companion article Device Drivers in Loko Scheme.

02. March 2020

Device Drivers in Loko Scheme

Loko Scheme is an R6RS Scheme compiler that runs on Linux and bare metal. To be useful on bare metal it needs device drivers. One of the more interesting device drivers is the virtio net driver, which paves the way for more virtio drivers.