22. April 2018

Columns Game for Arduino

I previously wrote about an AI for the Columns game. It was actually not written for the web to start with, but for a set of NeoPixel displays. Now I have fixed it up a little, made the code public and even have a picture to show.


25. February 2018

So many package managers

In a previous article, I wrote about Akku.scm, a package manager for Scheme. It is far from being the first package manager or even the first for Scheme. There have been at least a dozen failed attempts at getting something going.


24. February 2018

Introduction to Akku.scm

For the past few months I’ve been working on Akku.scm, a language package manager for R6RS Scheme. It’s not the first one for Scheme and it’s not even the first for R6RS. But it’s here, it’s yet another package manager, it works and I’m using it.


11. November 2017

Turn Websites into APIs

There are times in a programmer’s life when he needs an API to an intranet service and the only existing interface is a website built in the 90s. It feels wrong and a little dirty. But it may be the only option. It will save the business. Against better judgment, you decide to try web scraping their site.