22. June 2018

R7RS versus R6RS

InPhase asked today on #scheme about the R7RS vs R6RS debate. I followed the original debate closely and have experience both using and implementing R6RS. I also recently added R7RS support in Akku.scm 0.3.0, so I feel like I can weigh in on this. It’s a topic that many feel passionately about, and I’m also firmly on one side of the debate, but I will try to keep my own opinions and hyperbole out of it this time.


22. April 2018

Columns Game for Arduino

I previously wrote about an AI for the Columns game. It was actually not written for the web to start with, but for a set of NeoPixel displays. Now I have fixed it up a little, made the code public and even have a picture to show.


25. February 2018

So many package managers

In a previous article, I wrote about Akku.scm, a package manager for Scheme. It is far from being the first package manager or even the first for Scheme. There have been at least a dozen failed attempts at getting something going.