Loko Scheme 0.9.0

Written by Göran Weinholt on 2021-08-21

Loko Scheme 0.9.0 is now available from:

A bootable disk image for 64-bit PCs is available from:

The signatures are made with the GnuPG key 0xE33E61A2E9B8C3A2.

Loko Scheme 0.9.0 fixes bugs, improves performance and adds features. See NEWS.md in the distribution for a more detailed summary of changes.

Loko Scheme is an optimizing Scheme compiler that builds statically linked binaries for bare metal, Linux and NetBSD/amd64. It supports the R6RS Scheme and R7RS Scheme standards.

Loko Scheme’s web site is https://scheme.fail, where you can find the release tarballs and the manual.

Loko Scheme is available under GNU Affero GPL version 3 or later.