24. October 2016

Internals of Zabavno the x86 emulator

Zabavno (Забавно) is an x86 emulator I’ve been working on in my spare time. It translates x86 instructions into Scheme and eval’s them, which works surprisingly well.


23. October 2016

Shiny new website layout

This website has a new layout. The previous anti-social directory listing layout is gone and the future is shiny. I’ve been putting this off for maybe ten years now.


29. March 2013

Supercompiling Erlang

Supercompiling Erlang is my Master of Science thesis. Here is the abstract:

Erlang is a programming language with excellent support for parallel and distributed programming. The functional programming paradigm with its higher order functions is used pervasively in Erlang, but code written in this style suffers in performance. In this work a supercompiler for Erlang is presented that can automatically eliminate higher-order functions and intermediate data structures.

The code is available at https://github.com/weinholt/erlscp/.