23. November 2016

Make Test Inputs with Prolog

A while back I wrote a parser for R6RS Scheme numbers, or the string->number procedure. Numbers in Scheme are somewhat sophisticated and can be written in some surprising variations and I wanted some test inputs for verifying that the parser doesn’t crash on valid inputs. Luckily, the number syntax is specified in such a way that a Prolog program easily can be written that generates test inputs.


09. November 2016

Debugging PC Boot Sectors

Recently while working on Zabavno the emulation was going wrong somewhere in a boot sector and I needed to check what it was actually supposed to be doing. This is pretty easy to do with QEMU as a remote target in gdb, but it can be tricky to get started.


05. November 2016

AI Solver for Coded Crosswords

A certain type of crossword has been catching my attention ever since I was little. But it never interested me much to sit down and solve it on paper. What I wanted to do was to write a program that helps me solve it or, even better, one that finds the solution itself.