Announcing Akku.scm 1.0.0

Written by Göran Weinholt

I am happy to announce the general availability of Akku.scm 1.0.0, a language package manager for R6RS and R7RS Scheme. It can be downloaded from GitLab and GitHub.

Akku is a package manager with features specially designed for Scheme. The library systems of R6RS and R7RS, where libraries are fully self describing, make it possible to automatically analyze source code to find libraries and imports.


Akku installs libraries to a per-project library directory that works across all supported Scheme implementations. On top of this there is a traditional package index and a dependency solver. Packages are manually vetted before they are published in the index.

To increase the portability of R7RS code, Akku also performs an automatic conversion from the R7RS define-library form to the R6RS library form.

Akku supports Chez Scheme, Chibi Scheme, GNU Guile, Gauche Scheme, Ikarus Scheme, IronScheme, Larceny Scheme, Loko Scheme, Mosh Scheme, Racket (plt-r6rs), Sagittarius Scheme, Vicare Scheme and Ypsilon Scheme. It has been tested on Cygwin, FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, MSYS2, OpenBSD and macOS.

Akku has been in development for 21 months.

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